Hello Teddy


This popular work, developed in collaboration with accomplished foreign specialists and TEFL teachers from Hongen Education, is specifically designed for children to learn English.


Hello Teddy  has got numerous awards from the authorities, more than 20,000 kindergartens in China are now using it as English textbooks. The animation is hot broadcast at the program of Wisdom Tree on China Central Television—Children’s Channel from year 2006 to 2009, Teddy is quite popular with children. Pure English and bilingual voices build a real environment and English thinking patterns for kids. Regular repeating of key words and sentences through stories, words, sentences, alphabets and songs make memory easy. Also there are testing paper and chant paper in the Pack, testing kids’ learning results through games and songs. Unique Total Physical Response method is used for kids to learn by body actions.

Along with the Reading Pen, children can see and listen to lively stories of the lead character, Teddy, along with his friends Kitty, Puppy and Nicky. Children follow the loveable teddy bear as he grows, through 80 stories, 80 songs and 80 phonics chants that teach children English while having fun. Hello Teddy is very popular in China, and many Chinese children are now able to tell “Teddy” stories to their friends in English.

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